Bernhard Welz
The official website

Wanna have Bernhard Welz on your new record?


That´s how it works:

You gonna send an email with the sound file (e.g. MP3) to:

and you add the information like "BPM" and the sample rate.
Bernhard will get in contact with you to discuss, what exactly you want.

After the recording an MP3 as a test mix is going to be sent to you.
If you are happy with what you hear, you will receive the 10 separate dry and unedited files as "WAV" or whatever format you prefer via "WeTransfer".

Bass Drum
Snare Drum Top
Snare Drum Bottom
Tom 1
Tom 2
Tom 3
Hi Hat
Overheads left
Overheads right
Room Mix


Click on "Play" to get an impression of a recorded drum ruff-mix. You will receive the ruff and dry files, so you can edit them as much as you need to.